Towards Climate Positive Tourism Through Decarbonization And Ecotourism Program


Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Deputy for Tourism Products and Event Management

Project Duration

March – April 2023

Project Description

The Towards Climate Positive Tourism Through Decarbonization and Ecotourism program was launched the previous year in Bali. The launch of this program has significantly increased awareness among government stakeholders and industry players involved. To achieve the long-term goal of reducing carbon emissions from the tourism sector by 2030 and supporting net zero by 2050, there is a need for activation actions or awareness among tourists, gradually but steadily. This activation can be achieved through well-planned communication and integrated campaigns targeting tourists.

As the lead consultant, Wise Steps Consulting conducted a study on Integrated Marketing Communication aimed at building a communication strategy regarding climate change and the “Every Step Matter” campaign to effectively and efficiently engage tourists.

Project Objectives

  1. Objectives of the “Every Step Matter” Campaign
  2. Potential Target Audiences
  3. Campaign Structure and Sub-campaigns
  4. Marketing Communication Channels
  5. Roadmap for the Activation of the “Every Step Matter” Campaign


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