Buku Pedoman Pengembangan Produk Pariwisata Berbasis Masyarakat

Purpose and Overview
Buku Pedoman Pengembangan Produk Pariwisata Berbasis Masyarakat is a comprehensive resource aimed at fostering responsible and inclusive tourism practices. Developed by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, this guide focuses on creating tourism products that benefit local communities while preserving natural and cultural assets.

Key Features

  1. Community Empowerment: Learn how to engage local communities in decision-making processes, ensuring their active participation in tourism development.
  2. Product Design: Discover practical steps for identifying community profiles, understanding sustainable tourism principles, and designing products that resonate with local potential and market demand.
  3. Challenges and Benefits: Explore the challenges faced during community-based tourism (CBT) implementation and the positive impacts it can have on social, economic, and environmental aspects.

Dive into the full guide to gain deeper insights into sustainable CBT practices. Download the complete document for detailed strategies and case studies.

*Only available in Bahasa

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