Market Insight 2023: International and Domestic Tourist Persona Toward Tourism Recovery and Sustainability

Mochamad Nalendra, Rega Aldiaz Wahyundi, Muhammad Sofyan Hadi, and Annisa Dwi Febrianty

The tourism industry stands out as one of the sectors most severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented global health crisis compelled governments to enforce strict travel restrictions and lockdown measures, resulting in a significant decline in tourism activities and revenue. However, as the world’s tourism sector begins to recover from the pandemic, there is hope for the gradual resumption of tourism activities, moving towards a more sustainable form of tourism.

Market Insight 2023 provides a comprehensive analysis of the tourism market and trends in the post-pandemic era, specifically in the year 2023. In its inaugural edition, Wise Steps Consulting (WSC) attempts to assess potential target markets for this year, identifying emerging trends, opportunities, and challenges for stakeholders in the sector. The report also offers insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and expectations in the year 2023.

The post-pandemic tourism market presents unique opportunities for stakeholders to reshape the industry and create a more resilient and sustainable future. As people adapt to the new normal, there are significant opportunities to leverage technology and innovation to enhance travel experiences and generate new streams of revenue.

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