WSG Annual Report 2021

WSG Annual Report 2021

Wise Steps Group’s Resilience and Innovation
In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wise Steps Group (WSG) demonstrated remarkable resilience, swiftly transitioning from survival mode to innovation. The 2021 Annual Report highlights the group’s journey through challenging times, emphasizing their commitment to responsible tourism and positive societal impact in Indonesia. With a vision to transform the tourism industry, WSG adapted its business strategies to focus on domestic and regional markets, ensuring a sustainable future.

Empowering Communities and Shaping the Future
The report showcases WSG’s subsidiaries. Wise Steps Travel, Wise Steps Foundation, and Wise Steps Consulting and their collective efforts in community development, capacity building, and sustainable tourism. From creating community-based products to developing tourism master plans, WSG’s initiatives are a testament to their dedication to empowering local communities and protecting Indonesia’s cultural and natural heritage.

For a deeper understanding of Wise Steps Group’s impactful work and to explore their innovative programs for 2022, download the full publication and join us in building a more sustainable and resilient tourism industry.

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