Towards Responsible Tourism

Wise Steps Group

Wise Steps Group

Welcome to Wise Steps! We are a social enterprise with the ambition to transform the tourism industry in Indonesia. We want to harness the positive power of tourism to create solutions that include social equality, economic empowerment, heritage and culture as well as the conservation of Indonesia’s incredible biodiversity. We believe collaborating with all levels of local tourism stakeholders is essential to achieve our vision.

Our Vision

“Use tourism as a force for good totransform the industry, the traveler’smind and local livelihoods.”

Our Mission

Our Umbrella Brand

Wise Steps Group

Our Subsidiary Divisions:

Wise Steps Travel

Wise Steps Travel is a responsible travel agency that can organize your journey with a unique experience.

Wise Steps Foundation is a foundation that focuses on community development, social programs, and environmental initiatives.

Wise Steps Consulting assists destinations and clients in formulating training programs,designing strategies, conducting research, and facilitating benchmarking studies.

Wise Academy

An online learning platform and community that curates quality knowledge and supports professional skills development to enhance the next generation of tourism professionals and change-makers.

Integrated Wisdom

The Story of Our Clients

Our Partners

We work with various partners to achieve sustainability development