Responsible Tourism Development in Indonesia

We believe in the power of responsible tourism and the way it can transform people’s minds and local livelihoods.



Welcome to Wise Steps, we are social tourism enterprise with the ambition to transform the tourism industry in Indonesia. We want to harness the positive power of tourism to create solutions that include social issues, economic empowerment, heritage and culture as well as the conservation of Indonesia incredible biodiversity. Working with all levels of local tourism stakeholders is essential to achieve this vision. 

Enabling travelers from all parts of the world to experience the diversity of Indonesia while preserving it.

Enabling Communities to build skills & knowledge to enhance their economic, social & environmental welfare.

Enabling Destinations to improve tourism quality, resilience and sustainability performance.

Providing access to applicable and sustainable tourism knowledge and skills while growing an ecosystem.


We have to acknowledge that tourism decisions take place at multiple levels which is why Wise Steps Group created an integrated solution that tackles challenges at industry, community and governmental level through Wise Steps Travel, Wise Steps Foundation and Wise Steps Consulting. This set up allows us to understand the customer and industry needs, create relevant solutions at community level and advise companies and destinations to develop feasible and sustainable strategies.

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Our Office Location

Our office is located in Menteng, Jakarta Pusat. But due to the pandemic we are mostly working remotely. 

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